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What does 20/20 mean? | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

clipart 04020/20 is a trademark term for optometrists that patients often have no clue what it means. Simply put, there’s a standardized eye chart called the Snellen Chart that optometrists use to gauge your visual acuity or how clear is your vision. 20/20 vision is that your able to see the chart clearly standing 20 feet away.

So, if your vision was poor, you might have 20/40 vision. This would mean you can see the larger letters standing 20 feet from the chart that others could read standing at 40 feet away! On the other hand, 20/15 vision means that you can see the smaller letters clearly at 20 feet away that others could only read standing at 15 feet away.

Since Americans measure using inches & feet, our optometrists say 20/20 vision. Other parts of the world use the metric system to measure, so other optometrists say 6/6 vision.

This method of measuring visual acuity or sharpness has been around since the Snellen chart was introduced in the 1950s.

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