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Blepharitis & Dry Eye Treatment

The doctors at Fort Lauderdale Eye Associates treat dry eye and blepharitis.Dry Eye Syndrome and Blepharitis frequently occur together which means their treatments are often closely linked.

Below are some of the medical management options used in Fort Lauderdale at our office, with the most exciting being the Intense Pulsed Light Therapy.  This revolutionary therapy has provided long lasting results to many patients, often eliminating the need for other therapy options.

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COVID-19 Urgent Notice

Our office will be closed for the next four weeks. All routine and non-emergency appointments will be rescheduled. True emergency calls to our office phone number will be forwarded to Dr. Fournier or the ophthalmologist on call that day. The optical department will also be closed. For patients needing contact lenses, please call or text message 954-445-7764. All contact lens orders will be shipped directly to patients.

We plan to reopen May 4th depending on the federal and state of Florida mandates in place at that time. Stay safe. We look forward to continuing our commitment of providing the best in eye care.