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How important is it to visit us for a dry eye exam?

woman with dry eye

Did you know that some people can’t produce enough water in their tears? Other patients have problems with their oil glands, where they can’t produce the right balance of tears and can have watery eyes! Each dry eye patient can have a variety of symptoms as a result from different issues. It’s important to undergo a comprehensive eye exam with an eye doctor so we can determine the nature of your dry eye.

If you’ve tried various over-the-counter eye drops, you’re likely going to run into snags. Artificial tears differ in how they help treat your dry eyes. Eye drops may be merely replacing a lack of water or supplement oils using lipid enhancing tear formations. Among the 14 variations of eye drops off the shelf, how can someone pin down what will solve their visual struggles? Newer research shows that dry eye disease is more often related to your meibomian gland health, but an eye exam for dry eye is the ideal approach to discover the underlying cause. One of our eye doctors may simply recommend Omega-3 supplements to solve your dry eye problems that have lasted years without a cure.

How important is it to visit us for a dry eye exam? Overtime, meibomian glands can die out if left clogged and untreated for years. Although we carry intense pulsed light therapy to clear out glands safely and effectively, everything starts with an eye exam. End the dry eye and start enjoying clearer, healthier vision.