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Custom Laser Cataract Surgery

Safety and precision with computer controlled blade-free technology


seniors playing cards iStock 000020443008XSmall 2 Traditional cataract and lens replacement surgical techniques have been time proven as safe and successful. Our experience and commitment to excellence has allowed us to achieve excellent surgical outcomes with the traditional methods; and while we will continue to offer cataract surgery at our office in Fort Lauderdale utilizing the traditional techniques, we are proud to be able to offer the newest blade-free LenSx computer-assisted laser cataract surgery. This new technology provides many advantages, including using a femtosecond laser specifically calibrated for each person’s eye.

Dr. Richard Kalski is one of the few cataract surgeons in the United States trained and certified to perform this newly FDA approved procedure.

What are the major benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery?

Custom Precision

  • A higher level of precision to traditional cataract surgery is made possible by using real-time, 3D computerized digital scanning technology that carefully maps and measures the eye to exact specifications generally not attainable by traditional surgery.
  • Astigmatism can be more accurately treated with the bladeless method.
  • The laser creates a circular opening in the lens capsule, making it possible for the most precise placement of the new intraocular lens implant. This is particularly important for the Advanced Technology Implants where maximum independence from glasses is the goal.

Gentler Approach

  • The laser pre-softens the cataract nucleus for a less traumatic removal, i.e. the cataract can be removed with less ultrasound energy and fewer instruments are needed in the eye.
  • Studies have shown the use of the laser often reduces swelling and speeds recovery time.


  • The introduction of the laser assisted cataract surgery will help ensure our patients outstanding outcomes and safety.


How Do I Know Which Procedure is Best for Me?

After your comprehensive exam at our office in Fort Lauderdale and the specialized testing done during the cataract evaluation, our doctors will review the results and partner with you to create a surgical plan that best matches the physical characteristic of your eyes and your lifestyle.


For procedures not covered by insurance we offer Financing Options