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Like a camera, your eye has the ability to zoom so you can focus on near objects, far objects and everything in between. It is the eye’s natural lens, which can change curvature that creates this zooming action. This is called accommodation. When the natural lens is removed in cataract surgery, this zooming ability is lost, along with the natural lens.


lens angled

In 2003, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an accommodating IOL called Crystalens. The Crystalens was designed to replace the eye’s natural lens and restore the eye’s ability to accommodate. Unlike the standard intraocular lens which is “fixed” within the eye and corrects vision at a single focus (usually distance), the Crystalens® uses the eye’s natural focusing muscles to accommodate the full range of vision. The Crystalens® enables the eye to focus seamlessly through a range of distances, from near too far. This continuous range of vision provided by the Crystalens® can eliminate or greatly reduce the need for a spectacle correction.


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