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Eyewear Buying Advice

doctor showing glassesWith all the choices available how do you know what is important? How do you know what you need? What will work for your particular needs and lifestyle?

Our job is to ask you the right questions about your lifestyle, explain the available options, including their pros & cons and then let you decide what options will work best for you. The best advice will always be the options that match your needs and budget.


Function is always first. What are your needs and expectations? What are you going to be doing in this pair of glasses?

  • Reading
  • Driving
  • Computer work
  • Indoor or Outdoor sports


glassesondogsWhat are your facial features?
Are you a fashion trend-setter or more of a late adapter?
Do you want a frame that makes a statement or one that blends into your facial features?

Prescription Lenses

Once we know the function, the lens options become easier to decide on.

  • Single vision lenses
  • Multifocal lenses
    • Lined bifocals/trifocals lenses
    • No-line progressive lenses
  • Light weight or thin lenses for the higher prescriptions
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Clip-ons
  • Anti-glare coatings
  • Impact resistance for protection
  • Polarized lenses to reduce glare and reflections
  • Special tinting for certain sports
  • Close environment lenses for mid-range and near, like computer screen and desk area
  • Specialty lens designs for occupations and sports


We will always work to provide high quality eyewear within your budget.

Here are some of the questions that you may want to consider:

  1. Do you wear glasses or contact lenses most of the time to correct your vision?
  2. What do you wear your glasses for primarily?
  3. What is your normal day like?
    • How much do you drive?
    • How much time do you spend on a computer?
    • How much time do you spend outside?
  4. What sports do you participate in?
  5. Do you have any skin sensitivities?
  6. What color cloths do you like best?
  7. What problems have you had with past frames or prescription lenses?
  8. Is your prescription strong, medium or weak?
  9. Do you work in an industrial setting or are you around areas that eye protection is needed?
  10. Are you amblyopic or blind in one eye?
  11. Does glare from headlights or a computer screen bother you?
  12. Are you sensitive to the sunlight?
  13. Is this your primary pair of glasses or is this a second pair?

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