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What’s Included in a Routine Eye Exam in Ft Lauderdale?

eye exam in ft lauderdale flFirst and foremost, Dr. Carla Teich will sit with you and listen to any concerns you may have about your vision as well as goals you want to achieve in your vision care.

She’ll examine your vision with and without glasses and/or contact lenses and test your eye coordination. This helps determine if you need a prescription for glasses. She will discuss various options available to design glasses that fit your needs, such as which type of computer glasses would help your specific field of work (with particular care to determine what distance fits best.)

She will also use the Nidek auto refractor handheld device to get a digital measurement of your eyes. She will do a complete health evaluation, including the pathology in the eye, checking the eye both inside and out for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and check your eye pressure.

Each routine eye exam performed by Dr. Teich will include the same assessments as a comprehensive eye exam such as eye muscle coordination, neurological assessment of pupils, ocular motility and visual fields, glaucoma and cataract evaluation, and check for indicators of your body’s overall health.

After a thorough eye exam, Dr. Teich can determine if you are a candidate for LASIK. If you’re interested in laser vision correction, feel free to speak with Dr. Teich about your particular eyesight & vision health. Dr. Teich can also discuss options with you about contact lens fittings, which would require a separate exam with additional charges.

A routine eye exam should be scheduled annually to ensure optimal eye health, especially as eye conditions may progress without signs or symptoms. Eye disease like glaucoma or macular degeneration, for example, can lead to vision loss without proper management and prevention, yet symptoms will only be noticeable after the eye disease has progressed to a moderate to severe level.eye exam in ft lauderdale fl

If you experience any symptoms or feel concerned that your eyesight is abnormal, contact our practice. Medical insurance can provide coverage for an eye exam when there is a medical concern. Medical insurance will not cover an eye exam for an updated prescription on eyewear or contact lenses. More about insurances can be read here.

Routine Vision Exams are now available for only $115!

For more information about what's included in a routine eye exam, go to our comprehensive eye exam page.

Tom Grant, Google Review

Dr. Carla Teich is Amazing! She is by far the best eye doctor to make sure you have the glasses or contacts that enable optimal vision. The doctor/patient relationship is impeccable! She takes time to customize & personalize each patient to tend to your wants and needs.I have had vision problems for most of my life. Dr. Teich has gone above & beyond to have me seeing nearly perfect both near & far! Bottom line, I would recommend Dr.Teich to anyone & everyone who wants the best vision possible!! I feel like I'm in high definition 4k HD! Thank you Dr. Teich!


Carla Paris Teich, OD

Dr. Teich discovered her passion for optometry after her first childhood eye exam.  As with many young patients the experience of seeing details for the first time was a memorable one.  It was at this early age that Dr. Teich knew helping to provide and maintain excellent vision and eye health to people of all ages and backgrounds would be a meaningful career path. Growing up in Virginia gave Dr. Teich a strong sense of community and service to others.  She has carried those values through her 34 years of optometric practice in Broward County.  Her commitment, understanding and dedication are only surpassed by her ability to communicate with patients to ensure the best care possible. In addition to her passion for optometry, Dr. Teich is an accomplished violinist and vocalist.  When time permits, she plays or sings at her temple and sometimes joins with other instrumentalists and choirs who...

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While many things have changed, one thing remains the same: our commitment to providing you with the highest level of quality eye care. With state of the art technology and knowledge, the doctors and staff here at Ft. Lauderdale Eye Associates are providing our patients with low volume, concierge quality medical treatment. You can be assured that our infection control and safety protocols are up to date and at the highest level to provide you with a clean and extremely safe environment. We look forward to seeing you soon. To make an appointment please call 954-492-1177.